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According to a 2010 ESG survey, 73% of midmarket companies face "significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact" within three hours of experience downtime. And of that number, more than half say their companies can only withstand one hour or less of downtime.
Despite this, a 2009 Insight UK survey of SMBs found that nearly 37% of the respondents back up less than once per month, while almost 10% never do a backup. Why take the odds of going out of business due to a data loss?

Automated Disaster Recovery Plan

Delivers Peace of Mind and Helps Meet Compliance Requirements
The value of having an easy-to-follow disaster recovery plan for your server population isn’t difficult to grasp. But the actual job of creating a recovery path for every machine you own can be challenging that it may never be done properly. This can leave you open to failed recovery and unable to comply with regulations governing data safety.
"The automatic creation of the disaster recovery plans is a very cool feature, one that I have not seen before in this area"
-Disk Csaplar, Aberdeen Group


• Protects all physical and virtual machines running on Windows
® and Linux® operating systems

• Disaster recovery plan automatically created and emailed to administrators
• Customized to each machine
• Eliminates the tedious process of documenting machine-level recovery plans
• Auditable, testable recovery path to help meet regulatory requirements

Larger organizations usually create generalized lists of steps to follow in the wake of a disaster, but they’re rarely detailed enough to carry out machine-by-machine recovery. Smaller organizations on the other hand, despite their best intentions, may not have the expertise or resources to create machine-level recovery plans. Either situation can trigger extended recovery time, sometimes compounded by human error, as an administrator operates under stress to complete a recovery.
Built-in recovery is fast and error-free
Every time a machine (whether a workstation or server) is backed up, a custom, step-by-step recovery plan is created that even a novice can follow to complete an error-free recovery.
Always up to date
Data across the servers will typically be backed-up every 15 minutes which will greatly minimize loss of work should a failure occur.
An important tool for disaster planning compliance and fast recovery
To understand the benefit of an up-to-date disaster recovery plan, take the situation faced by hundreds of electric power generation plants that contribute power to a large continental power distribution grid. Each is required by law to create and record an auditable plan for recovering every server and workstation that is linked to the job of delivering power into the grid. We meet this need with an automated recovery plan based on the actual backup performed on each machine. Bulk electric systems is just one of many types of organizations that require proof of compliance such as a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). With this feature, you don’t need to invest the time to build a plan for each machine or the money to outsource the task.
"Less than half (46%) of businesses around the world claim to have adequate resourcesor technologies to enable comprehensive backup and DR."
– Disaster Recovery Index, April, 2011 in
Like an insurance policy
While an automated recovery plan for each of your machines is not a substitute for site-wide disaster planning, it is the final and most critical step in completing a recovery successfully the first time and every time. When it comes down to machine-by-machine recovery, an automated recovery plan is like a comprehensive insurance policy. It can make the difference between a slow or failed recovery and a rapid resumption of activity. It takes only seconds to set up and it protects your machines for as long as they’re in service.

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