Is your company ready for IT Services?

Many small to mid-size organizations ask me if they are a candidate for services like those provided by Uptime.  We've published some questions to ask yourself to help determine if your organization might benefit from Uptime.   Most of our clients are professional services firms, law offices. accountants, non-profits, consulting firms, builders/general contractors, architects, financial advisors and health care providers.
Our clients seek security, dependability and value for money.  They all manage successful businesses.  They rely on their computer infrastructure to communicate with their customers and donors and to deliver their products and services.  They are willing to invest intelligently to maintain their computer systems and expect better results than band-aids and short-term fixes.  They recognize that their data is a valuable asset and want it protected. 
Are some of these statements true for you?
“Our current consultant is a very nice person but she works with many clients and she can be very hard to get a hold of, especially during emergencies when we need her most.”  
“A full time employee currently takes care of our network in his spare time but the job has become unmanageable.
“We have been working with a ‘computer handy-man’ but it seems that his technical skills are not very current.”
“Our executive team would like to be able to consult with a CIO level person about how technology can support the growth of our business.”
If you've found yourself making any of these statements, then it's time to talk with Uptime.  Contact us at:
855-689-7846 x330