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One of the biggest unplanned expenses a small company experiences today is employee downtime related to technology.  A company of 25 employees can experience as much as $50,000 per year in costs and over $100,000 in lost opportunity in just one hour of downtime per week. 


At Uptime we work with your organization to eliminate downtime.  We deliver this through our AlwaysOn service.  AlwaysOn guarantees your organization will have access to their servers, networks, Internet, and email systems or we’ll fix them for free.


AlwaysOn provides unlimited IT support and service for a pre-determined fixed monthly fee.  This allows you to predict how much IT will cost every month and every year.  Our local consultants proactively maintain your systems both onsite and remotely, which means your systems don’t fail.  If they do, we’ll fix them right away for free. 


AlwaysOn is a unique service in the industry because your objectives are aligned with Uptime’s to avoid costly downtime and lower IT costs.


The problems with traditional time and materials, in-house, outsourced and remote models are that there’s really no incentive for them to fix your problem permanently, since they keep getting paid every time you call.  These traditional models typically lead to poorly maintained systems (deferred maintenance) which leads to system failures, and unhappy users.  This could cost your company thousands of dollars.  Traditional models usually lead to a higher cost over a two to three year period. 


Uptime AlwaysOn is designed to address these problems, eliminate budget surprises, and help small organizations focus on their business.  



Uptime AlwaysOn Features Include: 


  • Guaranteed Uptime or we fix it for free

  • Single monthly cost for all your IT needs

  • Local onsite and remote 24/7 consultants

  • Unlimited service calls

  • Cloud, Servers, PC’s, Software, Internet, Phones, Mobile

  • Enterprise-class and Industry best-practices

  • Customized to your unique business needs

  • A holistic IT approach for ALL your IT functions

  • IT Troubleshooting 


Uptime AlwaysOn Benefits Include: 


  • Lower IT costs at predictable monthly rates

  • A fraction of the cost of a full-time employee

  • Anytime & Anywhere – home or office

  • Increase the productivity & satisfaction of your employees

  • Save tens-of-thousands of dollars per year



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