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We specialize in Web Applications, Social Computing, Portal, Content Management, Business Process, Collaboration & Mobile Computing.


Uptime is a group of senior consultants that have experienced the last twenty years of software development and today deliver to you the promise of open systems and cloud computing to deliver your web applications. Uptime delivers a complete solution for your Web, Middleware, Portal, Collaboration, Content Management, Messaging, Mobile, and Social Computing taking advantage of the market leading products and open source technologies.


The results we are delivering to our customers include:


  • Significant reduction in maintenance fees

  • Ongoing software enhancements and modifications

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Competitive advantage through customization

  • A software platform that won’t lock you in to a vendor


Our experienced consultants and global delivery models make the most of your current vendor software. We show you how to save 50% to 100% of your maintenance fees and total cost of ownership through the integration of open source and vendor solutions that compliment your existing environments.


Uptime's Web & Software Application development services is built on the principles of delivering quality solutions to our customers utilizing the latest products and service delivery models in the industry.  Many of our customers have lowered their IT budget through our innovative approaches to software integration, development and maintenance.


CONTACT US today for more information about our proactive IT solutions!

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