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Most of Uptime’s customers are taking advantage of Cloud computing today to help lower IT costs and provide information anywhere, anytime.  Cloud computing can simply be defined as a computing model in which services (e.g. web based email) and storage (e.g. web hosting) are provided over the Internet.


Just about any business function you can think of has a cloud based solution, from phone services to marketing to operations or finance.  Uptime has been deploying cloud based solutions for customers for many years.  In fact, most of Uptime’s internal systems are delivered through the cloud allowing our consultants to access the information they need to service our customers at any time. 


However, small businesses need to beware of the hype. Cloud computing seems to be a flashy new technology that everyone needs, when in fact, in some situations, Cloud computing could actually increase IT costs. 


Here are a few examples of Cloud solutions we provide our customers:



Uptime knows Cloud computing and has deployed solutions to thousands of users. 


CONTACT US today to learn more about the benefits of the cloud and to determine if it’s right for your business.

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